Genetics is often difficult for students to understand. This innovative practical work uses modern DNA technology to help students learn about classical Mendelian inheritance.



This kit provides a practical simulation of genetic screening, centred on a fictitious extended family with 24 members. The DNA samples can be distributed by the teacher so that students can investigate the inheritance of either a sex-linked or an autosomal recessive condition. Students treat the DNA samples provided with a restriction enzyme and run them on electrophoresis gels. The results from the class are pooled so that the pattern of inheritance may be determined. This activity is a novel practical way of reinforcing learning about Mendelian inheritance, the use of restriction enzymes and gel electrophoresis. It presents an ideal opportunity to stimulate discussion about genetic counselling, confidentiality of genetic information and other ethical concerns.

Ideal for OCR A Level Biology A PAG 6.2 (ensure that you have downloaded OCR’s revised instructions from Interchange, however).



The module contains materials for 2 complete 'runs' of the Nature's dice protocol, each with 24 students or working groups.





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DNA Gel electrophoresis

Nature’s dice

Nature's dice is a simulation of genetic screening that can be used to reinforce learning about Mendelian inheritance, DNA gel electrophoresis and also to introduce ethical issues.

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