For more than a quarter of a century this enzyme has been helping those in schools to extract DNA from onions. Don't be fooled by people who say that kiwi fruit provide a less smelly alternative: the gooey stuff you extract from them is mainly pectin.



Neutrase® is a bacterial protease produced by a selected strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. It will break down proteins to peptides.



Neutrase® is used commercially to 'upgrade' proteins of animal and vegetable origin, such as softening wheat gluten. It can also be used to remove the ‘stickwater’ around fish roe.



DNA extraction
Neutrase® can be used to degrade proteins when preparing crude extracts of DNA from plant and animal cells (see link to the protocol on the left).

Clarifying milk
® can also be used instead of trypsin in the well-known school practical where skimmed milk is clarified by addition of the enzyme (use 10 mL of 3% w/v dried skimmed milk powder and add 1 mL of 10% v/v Neutrase® solution to it. If the reaction is too fast, simply reduce the amount of Neutrase®).

If you wish to demonstrate the denaturation of an enzyme by heating, Neutrase® is a good one to use, but you do need to heat it to 85 °C for about 2 minutes to see this.

See also: Practical Biology. Quantitative food test. Protein content of powdered milk.



As its name implies, Neutrase® is a neutral protease with an optimum activity around pH 5.5–7.5 and 30–55 °C. It is a metallo- proteinase, requiring zinc ions for its activity. Consequently, it is stabilised by the presence of calcium ions and inhibited by EDTA. The stability of Neutrase® at a particular temperature is influenced by the type and concentration of the proteins present.



If it is stored at 3–5 °C, Neutrase® will retain its declared activity for at least a year. Do not freeze.



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DANGER. May cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled. See Safety Data Sheet for further advice.



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Neutrase is often used in school for extracting DNA from onions.

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