This pack of five different liquid enzyme preparations offers a substantial saving on the cost of buying the enzymes individually. These enzymes can be added to a non-biological washing liquid to create washing products with a variety of different properties.



This pack contains 100 mL of each of these liquids: Alcalase®; Lipex®; Savinase®; Stainzyme® and Termamyl® Ultra.



Students can make and test their own washing preparations, either by using the enzymes alone or by adding them to a liquid, enzyme-free washing preparation.



The properties of the enzymes are described on the individual enzyme pages (see menu on the right). Please also refer to the data sheets provided with the enzymes for further details.



All of these enzymes should be stored in a fridge at 3–5 °C. Do not freeze.



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DANGER. These enzymes may cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled. See Safety Data Sheets (links above left) for further advice.



Washing product enzymes pack ..... 100 mL x 5 ..... £72.00 (GBP)



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Enzymes for education

Washing product enzymes pack

Many different enzymes can be added to washing products.

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The NCBE supplies these enzymes to schools and colleges for educational use only. Commercial users of enzymes or those who require enzymes for research purposes should contact the enzyme manufacturers or other suppliers, not the NCBE.

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