In 2001, the Association for Science Education published the third edition of 'Topics in Safety', a general guide to safety in school science education. Chapter 16 of this book contained advice on working with DNA.

Dean Madden and Roger Delpech wrote the original chapter on DNA safety in 2001. The ASE Health and Safety Group (formerly the Safeguards in Science Committee) continues to revise Topics in Safety. Although there are currently no plans to publish a printed version, the revised chapters are available to download from the ASE’s web site.

Dean Madden has written a revised version of Chapter 16, which can be downloaded from here and the ASE’s web site.

The topics covered are:

If you are familiar with the old guidelines, the main changes are to the rules regarding work with human DNA. There is also new guidance about so-called ‘synthetic biology’ (note that practical activities that can readily be carried out in US schools cannot be undertaken in UK schools without permisssion from the HSE).

Please note that this advice applies within the United Kingdom — different rules will apply to schools elsewhere.



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Working with DNA

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Working with DNA
Working with DNA