Thin Layer Chromatography of Photosynthetic Pigments from Kiwi Fruit

Only green-fleshed varieties of kiwi fruit, such as ‘Hayward’, retain chloroplasts and photosynthetic pigments in the ripe fruit.

This was formerly used as an assessed practical task at A Level. Carried out on a small scale, it requires only small volumes of solvents.

Each pack contains microcentrifuge tubes, pipette tips and thin layer chromatography sheets for either 20 or 50 students. You will need to provide suitable solvents, glass vials (such as universal bottles) and kiwi fruit. Please see the method (link above left). Suitable for A Level and equivalent courses.




Kiwi TLC pack 20
(Contains 6 sheets, each 5cm x 20cm) ….. £25.00 (GBP)

Kiwi TLC pack 50
(Contains 14 sheets, each 5cm x 20cm) ….. £38.00 (GBP)


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