DNA Pendant Kit

This kit provides sufficient materials to make 30 attractive pendants containing DNA extracted from human cheek cells. It is ideal for science demonstrations on open days, feeder school visits, pupil incentives or fund-raising events such as school fetes.


With this kit, you can extract DNA from cheek cells, then place it inside a glass vial which is designed to be worn as jewellery. The kit includes a full-colour pictorial instruction card to accompany each pendant, which can be supplemented by a sheet of written instructions if desired. (Like an airline safety instruction card, the pictorial instructions deliberately have no accompanying words so that they are suitable for use with different languages.) The attractive and robust pendant is made from toughened glass and polished aluminium and has been designed to appeal to both sexes.


The kit contains materials for making 30 pendants.

  • 30 full-colour pictorial instruction cards
  • 1 black-and-white instruction sheet (photocopy master)
  • 30 glass vials
  • neoprene rubber strip to make stoppers for vials
  • 30 aluminium caps for glass vials
  • 30 lengths of black waxed cord for the pendants
  • 30 disposable sterile swabs
  • 30 disposable plastic pipettes
  • 30 5 mL graduated extraction tubes
  • 50 mL of DNA extraction buffer
  • 1 tube of ‘Superglue’


A small volume of ethanol (about 2 mL per pendant), denatured ethanol or methylated spirits (we cannot include this flammable liquid in the kit due to postal safety regulations)


DNA pendant kit ….. £83 (GBP)


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