Plant tissue culture

Cauliflower cloning

The kit comes with full-colour wipe-clean instruction cards. Cauliflower not included.

You may have tried plant tissue culture before, and found it time-consuming and unreliable. This innovative kit provides a simple and effective method for plant tissue culture in schools.

Typical results after 1 month (the growth medium has been coloured with blue food colouring).


This kit is very simple and safe to use, and unlike traditional plant tissue culture methods it can be relied upon to give good results in a school context. The method used in the kit was developed by the Conservation Biotechnology team at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The microwavable growth medium is easy to prepare — no autoclaving is required. Callus tissue will be seen in 7–10 days, and small rooted plants can be produced in just 12 weeks.

One kit is sufficient for 25 students working individually (or 50 students if the plants are not to be rooted and potted on).

This practical task takes only minutes to perform, and at £1 per student, it is ideal for open days, taster sessions and so on. Better still, participants can take their cloned cauliflower plants home with them.


The kit contains:

  • Murashige and Skoog agar, 6 g (makes 500 mL)
  • Culture vials, 50
  • 7 mL bijou bottles, 50
  • Plastic forceps, 25
  • Sugar, 10 g
  • Milton® tablets, 14
  • Virkon® tablets, 3
  • Kinetin stock solution, 1.25 mL
  • Full colour wipe-clean students’instruction cards, 25
  • Teacher’s guide


  • a permanent marker pen
  • a scalpel
  • a non-sterile Petri dish lid or base, cutting board or tile
  • a small (e.g., 100 mL) beaker for waste
  • a small floret from a cauliflower
  • paper towels
  • sunny windowsill or lights to illuminate the plant cultures


The following replacement parts are available for the Cloning cauliflower kit:

  • Murashige and Skoog agar, 6 g (makes 500 mL) ….. £7.35 (GBP)
  • Kinetin stock solution, 1.25 mL ….. £7.35 (GBP)
  • Empty culture vials for plants, 50 ….. £14.70 (GBP)
  • Students’instruction cards (25) ….. £15.75* (GBP)


Cloning cauliflower kit …..£60.00 (GBP)


Because this kit contains kinetin solution, which should be stored frozen, kits will be dispatched by first class post Monday to Thursday only.


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