Protein gel electrophoresis

Protein power!

The kit can be used to analyse proteins from a variety of foods.

The NCBE’s electrophoresis equipment can be used to analyse proteins as well as DNA. You do, however, need a special type of agarose to carry out this work.


Small samples of protein-containing foods (e.g., fish or nuts) are mixed with Laemmli buffer. This extracts the proteins and gives them a negative electrical charge. The samples are separated by electrophoresis, then the gel is stained and de-stained to reveal the proteins.


This module contains sufficient materials for the analysis of 96 protein samples.

  • 8 pieces of carbon fibre electrode tissue
  • 6 g high-grade agarose, suitable for electrophoresis of proteins
  • 50 mL TB electrophoresis buffer (a 10x concentrate)
  • 50 mL Laemmli buffer
  • 2 x 100 mL Colloidal Coomassie Blue stain
  • 100 multi-coloured 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes
  • 100 micropipette tips
  • 8 1 mL plastic syringes
  • 3 mL SDS solution (10%)
  • Approx. 100 mm 5 mm dia. silicone rubber tubing
  • 8 full-colour students’ guides
  • 1 full-colour teacher’s guide
  • Safety data sheets


  • A Base Unit, with electrophoresis tanks and combs
  • A 36 V mains transformer
  • Protein samples e.g., fish or nuts
  • Access to a kettle with which to boil water
  • Crushed ice


For a full list of replacement items, including Students’ booklets, please refer to the Replacement parts web page. Please note that once you have a Base Unit, the most cost-effective option is probably to buy the Protein power module rather than individual replacement items.


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