Bacterial transformation kit

Genetic modification is an essential technique in research, medicine and plant breeding. This recently revised kit with green fluorescent protein is designed for use by 14–16 year-old and post-16 students (e.g., GCSE, A Level and equivalent courses).


This practical kit provides:

  • a safe practical demonstration that DNA really is the genetic material;
  • practical experience of one of the key techniques used in genetic modification;
  • an opportunity to understand and carry out basic microbiological techniques;
  • an opportunity for older students to plan and carry out practical investigations of their own.

Ideal for OCR A Level Biology A PAG 7.3 (ensure that you have downloaded OCR’s revised instructions from Interchange, however).


The kit contains sufficient materials for 18 students working individually or 36 working in pairs.

  • Sterile Petri dishes (20)
  • Microcentrifuge tube holder
  • Sterile transformation buffer and plasmid DNA
  • Microwavable agar containing kanamycin + IPTG
  • Coloured 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes (18)
  • A slope culture of E. coli (Strain DH10B)
  • Sterile ‘Pastettes’ (26)
  • Sterile inoculation loops (20)
  • Sterile spreaders (18)
  • Students’ guides (18)
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Ultraviolet keyring torches (2)

Please note that the sterile Pastettes, inoculation loops and spreaders are single use plastic items. They are not autoclavable and cannot be re-used.


  • Laboratory facilities suitable for microbiology, including Bunsen burners and lab coats
  • An incubator that can be set to 37 °C
  • An autoclave or pressure cooker
  • A microwave oven (IMPORTANT: The medium supplied with the kit MUST be prepared using a microwave oven. Do not use a hotplate or autoclave.)
  • Waste pots and a suitable bench/discard jar disinfectant, such as 1% (w/v) Virkon® or 5% (v/v) Biocleanse®


The following replacement parts are available for the Bacterial transformation kit:

  • E. coli K-12 DH10B (slope culture) ….. £19.00 (GBP)
  • Transformation buffer containing plasmid DNA (2 x 2.1 mL) ….. £25.00 (GBP)
  • LB agar (1 sachet) + IPTG and kanamycin ….. £23.10 (GBP)
  • Ultraviolet keyring torches (2) ….. £10.50 (GBP)
  • Students’ guides (18) ……*£12.00 (GBP)


Bacterial transformation kit ….£92.00 (GBP)


Because the plasmid DNA in this kit should be stored frozen, kits will be despatched by first class post, Monday–Thursday only.


All of the prices on this page are in GBP and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). This tax applies within the European Union only. Note that the replacement students’ guides are zero rated for VAT. Postage and handling must also be paid on orders from outside the United Kingdom. Details of how to order are given on the price list and on the Ordering web page.


If you are outside of the UK and purchase this kit, then please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure that you are following any local rules or regulations surrounding using transformations to insert genetic material into microbes.